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If you are interested in any services, but are experiencing financial hardship, please let me know and we can come up with an affordable option.

If you are dedicated to your growth as a writer,
I am committed to helping out regardless of your socio-economic circumstances.

Poetry Manuscript Consultation

This service includes feedback on your manuscript as a whole, theme cohesiveness, individual poems, poem sequence and arrangement. I will offer written feedback, line edits, and a final consultation via Zoom on collections of up to 5o poems.

$250 flat fee


Poetry Feedback

Written general feedback and line edits on individual poems, analyzing theme, voice, elements of style, and technical issues.

$10 - 1 poem

$20 - 3 poems

$25 - 5 poems



A structured 4-week virtual workshop via Google workspace, including:

- reading materials on craft

- generative exercises

- editing tips and techniques

- personalized poem recommendations 

$75 workshop fee


Book Design

This is a service for authors who have a manuscript ready or accepted for publication, or you are small presses looking to outsource book design projects. The collaboration includes three cover samples and a full layout for the manuscript provided by the author, executed to your printing or publishing house requirements. Will offer a free preliminary consultation via e-mail and a time estimate. Book design times may vary anywhere between 5 and 10 hours.

$100 per hour



to discuss and book any of these services

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