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As a writer, I explore everything from fiction to creative non-fiction and poetry. My work focuses on dysfunctional childhood family dynamics, various aspects of immigration, and trauma responses linked to abandonment issues and outsider syndrome. As part of the literary art community at large, I strive to create and maintain a safe space for writers and artists who make use of creative expression as a means for survival.

Below you can find a selection of my writings, linked to their original publication sites.


Creative non-fiction featured in The Keeping Room Magazine from Minerva Rising Press.

The Uses of Cotton

Creative non-fiction published in the February issue of The Blood Pudding.

Creative non-fiction originally published in Passengers Journal in 2021, first place winner of the Women on Writing Q1 2023. Contest.

Poem published in the September 2021 issue of Hare's Paw Literary Journal.

Poem published in Oxford Public Philosophy in 2022.

Valentine's Day fiction contest winner, CommuterLit, 2024.

Two Poems

Two poems featured in The Quarter(ly) Journal print issue themed "In the dark," 

published March 2024.

Creative non-fiction published on January 1st 2023 in The Blood Pudding.

Editor's pick poem for the Solstice Literary Magazine annual poetry contest, summer of 2021.

Poem published in La Piccioletta Barca in March 2020.

In the absence of a turbulent time, lush with chaos

Poem published in Issue 25 of

Wild Roof Journal, March 2024

Poem featured the week of February 4th 2024

by One Art poetry journal.

Creative non-fiction published in print, alongside my poem titled If Earth Is Ancestral in issue 8 of 86logic, December 2022.

Good Face, I Turn the Five of Ice Over, This Is Just to Tell You How at 3am - 3 poems originally published in Cathexis Northwest Press in June 2021.

Short thriller fiction, published in On The Run Fiction

in September 2021.

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